A Thousand Lifetimes

I have lived a thousand lifetimes in my head.

Within the confines of my mind, I have lived in various different worlds and experienced many different things.  I have married several different people, had children, taught school, started my own school, written books, become a politician, won awards, talked to people, argued with people.  I have died many deaths, and lived many lives.  A thousand lives.

I am no longer fit to have a brain overcast with these other lives.  I need it to rain.  To let at least a small part of these fictional worlds leak out to the real one.  To share these lifetimes, these stories I tell myself.  The stories no one else knows.

These stories may sometimes come as narratives.  They may come as poems, as lyrics.  Or they may come as letters, or conversations.  But they will come.  These stories, these lifetimes.

Let the rainstorm begin. . .


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