Do you ever feel

like a stranger

in your own life?


Like you’re walking around

in a dream,

not really living,

not in reality?


Or like you were

suddenly placed

in a future version of yourself –

without being prepared

by what came before?


Do you ever look in the mirror,

only to realize,

that who you are

is not who you were,

and no longer

who you want to be?


If Colors were Emotions

for my grandpa

If colors were emotions, here is what I see:

Cool, calm, engaging are the bright blue eyes.  

Tranquillity and peacefulness is the white hair, the absence of color.

Warm, joyful, and sweet is the pink smile.

Cheerful, happy, and serene is the tan face.

Sunny, jovial, is the purple laugh.

Multicolored, multifaceted, is the rainbow personality.

A rainbow of colors felt.  A rainbow seen.